One of the most anticipated TV series, here are the best

Netflix It offers the best content ever about it flow Online. Some of the opportunities to seize are back, like one of the TV series Most followed in recent years.

In fact, you can see the new ranking split between shows from the highest level which can definitely fill your day if you are lucky enough to be very free. Of course, everything is included in your subscription and there are no extras to pay.

Netflix: The best TV series right now welcomes Cobra Kai back, here are the details

There is currently some content on Netflix that has managed to take hold without much hassle in terms of views. It is actually the second most popular TV series the crown, the content that tells in several episodes the story of the English royal crown starring Queen Elizabeth, who died last week. Also thanks to the infamous event, the TV series that has already been on Netflix for a while is back in vogue.

However, the new season of Cobra Kai. As you can see, it is number one among the TV series on Netflix, thanks to the fans of the past and the past karate Kid. This time you will also be excited by the adventures of the two opponents, who on several occasions have allied themselves in the show but are not in good relations either.

The new series should not be underestimated Satan in OhioA true thriller that can fill your evenings with a lot of interest. We are talking about third place in the ranking.

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