One million people displaced by rye in the Philippines

Nearly 400 people died in the Philippines due to Typhoon Ray. At least 500 people were injured in the cyclone. Much is still missing. The country’s meteorologists say the Super Typhoon Rye has exceeded previous estimates. About a million people were displaced by this powerful cyclone.
Typhoon Ray hit the southern and central Philippines last Thursday. Many trees and electricity poles in the area were uprooted after the cyclone struck. Many villages were flooded. Communication was cut off in many areas. The hurricane destroyed homes, hospitals, and educational institutions. The Army, Coast Guard and the country’s fire service are still working with police in the stricken area. Several thousand members involved participated in the rescue.
It is not known at this time what he will do after leaving the position. Meteorologists in the country predicted a cyclone with speeds of up to 175 kilometers per hour, which could cause significant damage, before the riots hit rye. The Super Typhoon Rai is reported to have hit the land of Surigaon, a popular tourist island in the Philippines. At that time the wind speed was 175 kilometers per hour. The situation has changed dramatically, said Nikos Pinaranda, who is conducting research on lightning at the Philippine National Bureau of Meteorology. Rye has exceeded our imaginations. Hurricane Ray, which struck recently, fell into the category of Super Typhoon No. 5. This can be compared when a passenger plane begins to rise from the ground at the same speed.

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