One million LEGOs for an interactive exhibition in Australia

The Australian Melbourne Museum, ready on monday show”Bricktionary: Interactive Exhibition‘, made up of over a million Lego pieces, that connect fun, interaction and learning to the audience in that country – the island of Oceania.

From life-size animals to fashion and fantasy, the show will feature some of the Australian designer’s best creations Ryan McCnut One of 20 artists worldwide in this method and is based on his recent book The Bricktionary: The Ultimate AZ of LEGO, Prensa Latina (PL) reports.

The interactive rendezvous honoring Denmark’s handcrafted building toys, opens September 3 at the Melbourne Museum.

Certified Professional, McNutt seeks to inspire the imagination of LEGO fans of all ages and challenge visitors with six interactive building areas along with the more than 150 models featured in his book.

“Bricktionary: The Interactive Exhibition” is marketed as an entirely new type of Lego brick experience and includes models from LEGO Masters Australia Fair, which have never before been shown in Melbourne, and which is part of the organisation’s policy.

“We are excited to welcome the Brickman team to the Melbourne Museum for this colorful and fun exhibition. LEGO inspires creativity in both children and we understand the power and importance of game-based learning,” the director stressed to national media, Linda Sproul.

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