On Netflix, there is an exciting 8-episode mini-series filled with suspense and mystery.

Here’s a suspenseful mini-series that you can watch on Netflix with constant twists that will keep you glued to the screen until the end.

security It is your TV series full of suspense and mystery. And if you don’t like stories with endless chapters, fear not, Safe is a Netflix miniseries that has a closed ending.

The story of this series develops in different Parallel subplots With many characters dExtinct to join and merge with the main.

Here is one of the supporters Michael C. Hall The famous face of the serial killer protagonist Dexter And even before gay Undertaker Dave Fisher did the under six feet.

Safe string creator is Harlan Cobain, an American crime writer whose narrative work has led to numerous television series appearances. Among the most famous are: disappeared into the air And the stay soon

The writer dampened the enthusiasm of those who expected the second season of Safe, saying that the story could be considered closed, but his sentence was not so definitive that it rules out a sequel.

Safe group moved between ManchesterAnd the Liverpool and the Cheshirethe three cities in Great Britain where the scenes were filmed.

Do you like TV series but don’t like long-running series? Then you should definitely watch the series Netflix which we are about to introduce.

Enjoy, then, 8 episodes of SafeEach lasts less than an hour. A short series that can be digested even in two evenings.


Read the story and watch the trailer

the plot

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The disappearance of two teenage friends leads her father to investigate her daughter’s connections and life. The investigation will be full of twists and turns and will reveal facts and secrets that the father did not know.

Even the life of his wife, who died of cancer, will not be completely known to the man.

Safe’s pace is fast-paced, with no dead moments, which is a good plus for those who like action packed and challenging action.

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