On Netflix, the ruthless and unmissable mini-series that tells the story of TV sellers who scammed 300,000 Italians.

How did two TV sellers deceive thousands of people? If you want to know all the details of the “Vanna Marchi” case, then you should definitely watch this mini-series on Netflix.

Four episodes to watch everything in one breath on Netflix relives one of the most powerful issues, not only judicial, but social and cultural, in our country. Brand new production netflix italyI want He decided to trace the course of his life, career, and the investigations involved I’m March And the Stefania NobileMother and daughter, but above all, successful TV salesmen and convicted fraudsters.

An empire of billions of old liras, which exploded just before the currency exchange with the euro, and the ram’s head to break it is a service strip news, Well-known satirical news Antonio Ricci.

Those who were much older at the time will certainly remember the scandal and the highlights of the case.

Vanna Marchi, a successful TV personality now known as “double W”, in fact, Wanna and her daughter added to the advertising of beauty products also asking for money for Lotto numberspersonally submitted by “Life Teacher” do Nascimento.

listener report selection, Jimmy Geon He believes that he reveals another self-proclaimed wizard who promises luck and prosperity, and instead opens Pandora’s Box.

In fact, when dissatisfied customers called to complain that they played those ridiculously paid numbers and didn’t win, they were psychologically manipulated and motivated to shell out more money.

this is Documentary series Netflix has brought with it a lot of controversy, raising concerns about the possibility of “empathy processThus it can raise the vision towards the two women.

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Do we really want to redeem in the eyes of public opinion those who made desperate families into the streets, and only for that reason were willing to believe the lies of two crooks?

The advice is Watch the mini-series, before you criticize. Because those who speak out of prejudice might be surprised…

I want

Watch the trailer and read the story

In the glamorous 80s, the phenomenon of remote shopping exploded.

After the liberation boom, while the period of great ideologies and political activism is about to set, private television stations must find a way to survive.

In this constellation of sellers, there is one star that immediately stands out more than others.

want brands She is proudly the daughter of a peasant with experience in cosmetology.

He lands in TV advertising spaces without any experience, yet every time he appears the switchboards explode.

Netflix is ​​rebuilding this character’s appearance without using her hands, giving interviews and asking about her The most accurate details of his childhood and life as a married couple.

The fate of his daughter Stefania is inextricably linked with the fate of his daughter, as she immediately introduced her into the same world as an indispensable right-hand man.

She also reveals to the cameras of the band events and details that no newspaper has been able to reconstruct.

But the docu series also brings together other elements.

Ex-employees, collaborators, editors, friends and even The same is Nascimentoon the other side of the camera to tell their version, backed up by documents on file, never before published.

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There is no shortage of shocking testimonials for scammers. Out of shame, only a few hundred took part in the experiment involving women, but it is assumed that this phenomenon affected. More than 300,000 people.

The first successes and the first problems, relations with the world of business and criminality, deterioration, investigations, convictions.

I want It reveals the facts in all its aspects and demands the final judgment only from the onlookers.

Will you be among them? Find out on Netflix!

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