On netflix, the movie Greta Gerwig with Sawiris Ronan

Were you a teenager before? Lady Bird2017 film written and directed Greta GerwigDay arrived Netflix And you can’t lose it. It will bring back the feelings from your teenage life that you have been carefully hiding in your mind.

Kristen, a high school girl played by a very good girl Severus RonanShe lives in Sacramento, California with her mother, but dreams of moving to a big city to fulfill her dreams. However, to enroll in the best university, she does not have enough credits and joining the theater club in her Catholic high school can help her solve the problem. Kristen is a rebellious spirit who has clear ideas about what she wants for her future; Theater introduces her to new people, gives her new experiences that open her eyes and gives her a new perspective on life and herself.


In particular, his conflicting relationship with his somewhat intrusive but also affectionate mother is the heart of the film, which nonetheless confirms that it is a sensitive, mature and erotic independent comedy, full of nuances. Also thanks to the excellent performance of Laurie Metcalfe.

Lady Bird It’s the coming of age story that Gerwig has built around this mother-daughter relationship that’s full of contradictions but also a lot of love. “DrAfter watching this movie, you’ll all want to run and cuddle your momThe director said in an interview at the time of the theatrical performance. Also appears in the cast Timothy ChalametNow on top of the wave, after a hit Call me by your name. How it connects Severus Ronan Which between little Women And other projects, she is one of the most in-demand young actresses at the moment. Affects the chemistry between the two in both films.

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Like many independent comedies Little Miss Sunshine a Captain Fantastic Soundtrack Lady Bird It plays an integral role and draws the viewer into the story, giving strong emotions and a delightfully suspended atmosphere. at Lady Bird We find pop songs like Cry for me a river From Justin Timberlake Or vibrant Bump into me From Dave Matthews BandKnown between the 1990s and early 2000s Gerwig wanted this musical footprint to also achieve a classic nostalgic effect with his film that he definitely feels.

The scenario is close to the reality of adolescents, as it touches different problems and obstacles in that era, beautiful and complex at the same time, but the film is dedicated to all generations for its global narrative style and its sober appearance and sympathy.

Lady Birds movie


We often hesitate to pull memories and mistakes from the past, but it’s strength Lady Bird It is specifically about making his audience consciously feel immature emotions, giving the smallest things of utmost importance. Watching this movie is like receiving a sincere hug from an old friend, finding serenity in the face of an unknown future that will surely preserve the joys and sorrows. Just enjoy the right mood and don’t be overwhelmed with fear.

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