On Mars with persistence: 16 minutes of recorded Rovers

A new precedent in the history of perseverance … and humanity! The NASA Just posted the sounds recorded by the audio microphone Rover It also moved on the surface of Mars. Other strikes, explosions, and clicks from another world. The noise of six wheels in metal It advances on the rocks of another planet. Totally crazy! “If I hear that kind of sound while driving my car SentencesI’ll stop immediately and call the mechanic.Even Dave Gruel, a NASA engineer, mocked A. Communicate.

16-minute recording of the persistent rover rolling on the surface of Mars. The audio files are downloadable. © NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory- California Institute of Technology

This version of the recording lets you listen to the raw, unfiltered sounds of a file Perseverance in the rover Travel in Jizero Hole. There is a sharp creaking sound. confusion Electromagnetism from a rover electronic box or interactions between the navigation system and the Martian surface, engineers are still undecided about its origin.

Extract from the recording handled by NASA engineers. © NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory- California Institute of Technology

This shorter version of the recording was filtered and processed by NASA engineers.

“Photos of Mars, we’ve got thousands. But with these.” Sounds of MarsWe are entering a new dimension. It’s a way for us to experience this hostile environment in a more intimate way. ”, Vandi Verma, Lead Architect at Perseverance.

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