Corrie fulfills his dream by meeting his deceased wife using virtual reality technology. Pictures

Technology has facilitated many details of the lives of different people, and the virtual reality technology is associated in the minds of many only with video games, but a television program in South Korea used it for a noble human goal, as he fulfilled the dream of a man in meeting his deceased wife for a few moments.

Using virtual reality technology, Kim Yong Soo met his wife 4 years after her death after a struggle with illness, in a virtual interview closer to the truth, where he exchanged talks with her, danced with her and thanked her for her love for him, according to bored panda.

The scene was full of emotions and passion, as Kim’s children could not hold back their tears while following the emotional scene, especially when their father asked their late mother if she was no longer in pain as she suffered in the last years of her life.

The man and his deceased wife

Tears of children
Tears of children

The amazing work took a lot of time to produce, as it took more than 6 months to make sure that the husband’s meeting with his late wife came out more realistically, and the work included simulating the movements of the late wife and merging her voice with the voice of an actress so that her interaction in the hypothetical meeting seemed closer to her real personality.

The opinions of social media users about the video, which attracted more than a million views on YouTube, varied between those who considered it an emotional gesture and a beautiful gift for the husband, and those who see that using technology to help organize virtual interviews with the dead makes it difficult for their loved ones to overcome grief and move forward. In life.

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