Olympia 2021: Trump’s attack on American women footballers – ‘Crazy Lefties!’

A wild attack by Donald Trump (75) against the United States women’s team.

The former US president claims that the women’s national team would have won gold at the Olympics if the team had not “wake up” led by an extremist group of left-wing lunatics.

The Woke movement comes from the USA and, according to its own data, advocates equal treatment, the fight against racism, sexism and discrimination, but again and again causes a head shake with extreme and absurd demands.

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Source: Bild / Reuters

American women were eliminated from the Olympics in the semi-finals with a 0-1 victory over Canada.

In the match for third place, the team surrounding star Megan Rapinoe (36) defeated Australia 4-3 and won the bronze medal. She scored an amazing goal with a volley.

Trump attacks her: “The purple-haired woman played terribly and spends a lot of time thinking about the politics of the extreme left and is not doing her job!”

Megan Rapinoe (right) celebrates her dream goal for a 2-1 lead against Australia

Megan Rapinoe (right) celebrates her dream goal for a 2-1 lead against Australia


Trump and Rapinoe have a history. After the US women’s national team won the 2019 World Cup, the soccer player has been highly critical of Trump.

He didn’t let that sit on it – and it obviously still depends on him.

Former US President: If you wake up, you will lose. Everything woke up was going well, and our football team definitely did. But few patriots were still there. Unfortunately, they need more than just respect for our country and the national anthem. The Woks should be replaced by the Patriots and start winning again.”

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