Olympia 2021: Swimming coach totally freaks out after success

Sport thrives on emotions and in the Olympics, titles are given an entirely different status. The best example is an Australian coach.

TOKYO – Coaches are naturally happy after an athlete’s victory. They go out of their way every now and then. Australian coach Dean Boxall went better at the 2021 Olympics. After his athlete Aryarn Titmus won the final in the 400m freestyle, Boxall couldn’t hold back.

After Titmus defeated American co-star Katie Ledecky, Boxall jumped around the edge of the pool, cheering and sweating a Japanese hostess. Because your job is to be careful not to cross a barrier. But Dean Boxall’s joy had to appear. Even behind the barrier. The dance made the Australian coach known in a matter of hours. The video spread on social media.

Olympia 2021: The Australian swimming team is successful

For the Australian swimming team, the 2021 Olympics got off to a good start anyway. The 4x100m relay broke his own world record. Three minutes and 29.69 seconds later, the last swimmer hit the edge of the pool. 36 hundred faster than the last world record set in 2018. In the women’s relay, the Australian won the gold medal for the 4 x 100 metres for the third time in a row.

20-year-old Titmus defeated series winner Ledecky and prevented her sixth Olympic victory. Germany’s Isabel Jose finished well sixth in her first Olympic final. In the previous period, I already swam the German record. For swimmers in the pool, there will be medals through August 1st. Then there will be a fight for Olympic victory in the open water. Florian Willbrook maintains the Germans’ hopes of winning a medal over the ten kilometres.

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For the Polish Swimming Federation, an uncomfortable situation arose even before the start of the Games in Tokyo. Six athletes had to return home before the first competition. You are not allowed to start. (Pia Ewald)

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