Olivia Jade Giannoli on family college “mess”

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Olivia Jade Janioli may have been hoping for a cuddle-glove treatment in family-friendly pickup for “Red Table Talk” for her first public comments about the college admissions scandal involving her famous parents.

If so, she was quickly enlightened during the Tuesday episode of Watch Facebook Series.

“What are some of the repercussions during this entire situation?” I asked skeptical Adrienne Banfield Norris, mother of series host Jada Pinkett Smith. “Because you are a beautiful young white woman born into privilege, and there will be some people who will feel that, you will be fine. I feel this way.”

Giannoli, 21, who admitted on the nerves but said she considered the show a safe and open place, denied that she was seeking sympathy. Her parents, “Full House” actor Lori Loughlin and costume designer Mossimo Giannulli, are behind bars after they plead guilty to paying half a million dollars to get Olivia Gide and her sister Isabella, 22, at the University of Southern California as crew recruits, no rowers.

“I’m not trying to hurt myself. I don’t want pity.” Janioli replied to Norris, “I don’t deserve pity.” “He screwed us up. I just want a second chance to be like,“ I realize I messed up. ”And for a long time I couldn’t talk about this because of the legal aspects. Behind him.

“I’ve never been able to say I’m really sorry this happened, or that I really realize this was a huge mess on everyone’s part.” The social influencer once, who lost deals with high-profile brands and left USC in the wake of the scandal, said, “I think everyone feels This way in my family now. “

“What matters most to me is … to learn from wrong, not to be ashamed and punished and not to be given a second chance,” said the earnest Giannoli, dressed in a bright pink trouser suit.

It has been said that she is trying to overcome her protected perspective and find a way to contribute.

“I understand that, depending on my skin tone, I already put my foot in the door and was already ahead of everyone else. … I can realize that moving forward. I want to do things to change that and to help with that,” she said, adding that this worked with The kids are on an after-school program at the Whatsapp Department in Los Angeles recently.

Pinkett Smith, who said she agreed to bring Giannulli on her show due to her mother’s objections, was shocked by the tone of understanding with her. So did Pinkett Smith’s daughter, Willow, as well as a part of the series.

Giannoli is asked about seeing both parents in prison.

“Regardless of the situation, you don’t want to see your parents go to jail…. But also, I think it is imperative for us to go forward and move forward. You have not been in contact with either of them since they entered prison, which she said might have something to do with the stone restrictions. Health status for COVID-19.

Loughlin began serving her two-month sentence in a federal prison in California on October 30, while her husband’s five-month sentence, who is also in the state, began on November 19. The plea deals also called for fines and community service for the couple.

They were among 30 notable people, including actress Felicity Hoffman, who pleaded guilty to the case that federal prosecutors dubbed Operation Farsity Blues. It revealed huge bribes to get kids into elite colleges with fake test scores or fake sports credentials.

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