Oettingen: Planetarium: Solutions for a new site have been found

Since the basement in the new part of Oettinger Gymnasium is supposed to be smaller, the future wasn’t good for the only planetarium in the area. Now there is hope.

For a few months, the future of the only planetarium in the Donau Reis area was uncertain. Since the basement in the new segment of Oettinger Gymnasium is supposed to be smaller, there was a big question mark over the facility’s continued existence. It appears that there is no longer room for the dome, as the image of the starry sky is being displayed. Several solutions are emerging now.

The first public discussions on this topic were held at the Children, Youth, Families and Seniors Committee meeting on Thursday at Oettingen Be guided. There, the director of the Albrecht-Ernst-Gymnasium, Günter Schmalisch, introduced the concept of the private school and student developments. Heydecker wants to present all of the Oettinger schools to the panel one by one, and AEG has got it started at first. At the end of the lecture, I asked City Councilor Katharina Kaufman about the current status of the planetarium run by former AEG teacher Ernst Krist.

Shamalish said District Director Stephan Russell asked again to check if there was still room in the school building in which the planetarium could be accommodated. Shamalish informed the KiJuFaSe committee that he saw the possibility of creating a planetarium in two rooms. All you have to do is build a new dome in the room. It is also possible to use a room in the new building planned in several ways, including the retractable dome. Then the room can be used as a planetarium and for education.

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Oettingen Planetarium: Heydecker is in good spirits

Then Mayor Thomas Heidecker said he was in good spirits so that one of the possibilities could be implemented. The district council will soon discuss the issue that the city wants to continue to support the planetarium.

Ernst Christ actually got a picture at school on Friday. In another step, the hobbyist would also like to discuss possible solutions with Rieser Sternfreunde and have a look at the rooms at the earliest.

Christ has another idea of ​​a site in Oettingen, but doubts it cannot be implemented financially. He had contemplated building a space for a planetarium at the same time as he was building the public toilets at Somarket. Advantage: enough space. This can save development costs that would have been incurred in a new grammar school building, as well as the thought of a retired teacher. But given his assumption that this project would be extremely costly, he made no intensive efforts to plan further in this area. There was no mention of this idea in the committee meeting either.

The operator assumes a compromise

Christ assumes a compromise in a classroom where he can make friends. Jesus said that the dome would have to be rebuilt afterwards, but that could be done well with a budget of around € 10,000. However, there would not be a fixed dome that would fill the entire room, as is currently the case in the basement of the grammar school.

In the spring, many county councils speak out in favor of keeping the planetarium inexpensively. It is run in the school, but the school family does not use it themselves. She believes the region has an obligation.

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