ÖBB warns: There is a strike for Monday

A railway strike is scheduled for Monday. But it has not yet been determined, as trade unions and employers consider the possibility of another round of negotiations, and the date is still set today.

In the event of a strike, all train traffic would come to a halt, the ÖBB warned and asked passengers to postpone non-essential trips or choose alternative travel options.

Already an effect for Sunday

The strike is expected to last from midnight to midnight and will also affect cross-border traffic and night trains. “There can be failures in Nightjet and EuroNight communications from Sunday evening or even Tuesday morning,” ÖBB wrote on a radio programme.

In the event of a strike, the railway will announce details of restrictions, delays and cancellations on Oebb.at/streik, ÖBB social media channels and in Scotty’s timetable information.

In the event of a strike, the standard ÖBB and Sparschiene tickets will remain valid until December 5 or be refunded. According to ÖBB, season ticket holders will also be compensated according to passenger rights.

Conversations over the weekend

Tomorrow there should be more negotiations that strike can still be avoided. Representatives of the federation FIDA announced this after an invitation from representatives of employers in the Chamber of Commerce. Preparations for the strike continued, according to Vida.

According to Veda, the negotiations will begin at 4:00 pm. However, she also criticized that employers let too much time pass. Both sides have long asserted their willingness to negotiate.

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