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Sources in Washington confirmed to this newspaper that Organization of American States The Organization of American States is conducting an investigation against its Secretary General. Louis Almagrofor possible violations of the Western Hemisphere Foundation’s Code of Ethics.

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Research focus In the alleged affair of Almagro With the OAS official.

According to the rules in force in the institution, It could constitute a moral failurebecause the administrator cannot maintain a relationship with a person under his supervision and/or benefit from it.

The story was initially reported by the Associated Press. According to the sources, The official is of Mexican descent and 20 years younger than AlmagroSecretary-General of the Organization of American States since 2015 and re-elected in 2020 for another five-year term.

Administrator works in The General Secretariat for the Promotion of Democracy Apparently he has been on vacation since June. It was not clear if his withdrawal was due to the start of the investigation.

OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro.

according to Gonzalo EsparizAlmagro, the OAS spokesperson quoted by The Associated Press, never acted as this official’s supervisor.

Almagro has never been involved in decisions regarding the interests of this OAS officialEsparez said.

In other words, the Mexican has not worked directly with Almagro and her position does not depend on the Secretary-General either. However, due to the authority of the secretary in the organisation, The relationship is questionable and this is what is being investigated.

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Multiple sources told this newspaper that The relationship lasted for at least three years and was completely public in the corridors of the Organization of American States.

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The news comes as Almagro in Peru is attending the General Assembly of the Organization of American States, where all the foreign ministers of the region have gathered.

But also a week after American Development Bank (Islamic Development Bank) dismissed its head, Mauricio Claver Caronefor maintaining an alleged relationship with a counselor who has promoted him several times in the past two years.

Mauricio Claver

Mauricio Clavier Caroni has been dismissed from the Islamic Development Bank after an internal investigation into the organization.

In contrast to the Almagro case, the woman, who is of Colombian origin, works directly under Claver Caron As his chief of staff. One of the reasons that influenced the dismissal was the official’s lack of cooperation.

However, if the investigation into the Almagro case confirms the existence of the relationship and violations of the code of conduct, he may face the same fate as Clavier Carone.

In this sense, much will depend on the context and political alliances. Almagro is seen as a staunch ally of the United States due to his pro-democracy stances and criticism of the regimes in Nicaragua and Venezuela. But at the same time he is hated by many left-wing governments in the region.

However, for the United States and others, it will be difficult to defend when the precedent of what just happened with Clavier Carouni at the Islamic Development Bank already exists.

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