Nurses in Rosenheim protest against compulsory vaccination

In Rosenheim County, nurses and other staff in the health sector are warning of the consequences of the occupational vaccination requirement. According to initiative Christina Bofininger, there is a risk of supply shortages. In just 10 days, 850 employees from more than 20 organizations in the region signed the protest letter.

Unvaccinated nurses face segregation

Soon, nursing staff in hospitals and nursing homes are threatened with dismissal, Bofinger says: “We love working in intensive care medicine, we are tested every day, and we do our job responsibly like our vaccinated colleagues.” Covid-19 vaccines have not provided any lasting protection against infection. In light of the insufficient impact, it is questionable whether such interference with the free exercise of a profession is justified, according to Sabine Lauterborn, anesthesiologist and signatory of the open letter. You are asking the Bundestag to withdraw the law.

Handing over signatures to members of the Bundestag

At first they only collected signatures from unvaccinated people, but in the meantime many vaccinated people who refused further reinforcements joined the campaign. When the signature lists were handed over to CSU member of the Bundestag Daniela Ludwig, criticism was also directed at public vaccination plans. Ludwig, who is also a member of the CSU Executive Board, said she was very skeptical about such a duty: “What do we require people to do, how many vaccinations in what time intervals, and what substances?” In light of these unresolved questions, compulsory vaccination would be a disproportionate infringement on personal freedom, according to Ludwig

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