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New Delhi: It may seem strange to read the headlines, but it’s true. Now you via whatsapp You can open a WhatsApp Demat account. If you have already opened an account, you should invest in IPO The WhatsApp Can also be used. Investment platform Upstox has announced the launch of this service.

Upstocks provides comprehensive support for IPO related services through WhatsApp. The investor does not need to register with Upstocks to benefit from this service. They can apply for public subscription through the WhatsApp chat window.

5x increase plan
Srini Vishwanath, Co-Founder of Upstock, says that through this integration, Upstock aims to increase IPO applications by 5-fold. The company is planning to cross Rs 1 crore joint by the end of the 2022 financial year. This number is much higher than the existing 70 lakh customers.

Transactions from WhatsApp to Upstocks!
– Customer should save Verified WhatsApp Profile Number for Upstocks in their mobile contact and send ‘hi’ to this number on WhatsApp.
– The verified WhatsApp profile number from Upstock is 9321261098.
– Tap on ‘IPO Application’ using WhatsApp chat bot ‘Uva’.
Enter the registered mobile number and one-time password.
– Click on “Apply for Public Subscription”.
Then choose the subscription you want to subscribe to.

Open a demat account via stock from WhatsApp
– Click on “Open an Account” using the chat window in WhatsApp.
– Enter the mobile number and check the OTP.
Enter the email address and check the OTP.
– Enter the date of birth.
– Give your PAN information afterwards.
The bot will now redirect you to the Upstocks page for some simple actions. This will complete the process.

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Noticeable: You don’t want to upload any documents to WhatsApp or send any documents by attaching them to the chat.

Web address: Now open a demat account via WhatsApp, apply for public subscription!

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