Version 1: A grand scheme for the restoration of the Prime Minister’s house in Balfour

First post: Since the premiership Naftali Bennett Entry to the office is not used by the Belfort residence at all. Last night (Sunday) we revealed the first details following the decision on the planned comprehensive renovation of the Prime Minister’s home – which is expected to last for a whole year.

The Prime Minister’s Residence is in Balfour. Bennett doesn’t have a single meeting there | Processing: Flash 90

The renovation project includes the planning stage that is not yet complete and will focus on two aspects:

On the security side, the Public Security Service wants to install state-of-the-art security systems to increase protection, which the Prime Minister had to manage from his office.

Apart from that, the sources make it clear that housing is not suitable for exceptional cases in which the Prime Minister must be expelled from the house and evacuated quickly. The Public Security Service wants to take care of all these home modifications, which takes time.

In terms of infrastructure and beautification, we all remember the videos from the dwelling documented by interior designer Moshek Glamin, which show the condition of the dwelling and the old furniture. At this level, the renovation will include gypsum, paint, and replacement of scrub tanks, as well as infrastructure, sewage, plumbing, and electrical work. It is estimated that all of these work will take at least a year or up to a year. So far, not once has Bennett slept at the official residence in Balfour, nor has he hosted any international leaders there or held business meetings.

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