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Reuters report from Seoul South Korea said on June 27 that rare public comments about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s health came after foreign analysts noted in early June that Kim Jong Un, who is believed to be aged The 37-year-old has been losing weight in the last year.

A man lives in Pyongyang. The capital of North Korea An interview with North Korean state broadcaster KRT aired last Friday that seeing the North Korean leader look less skinny makes people like us break their hearts Everyone said the same thing in tears.

In the news segment, which was not confirmed by Reuters. Instead, it posted pictures of Pyongyang residents looking at the big news watchers on the street. In a music show attended by Kim Jong Un and officials of the Korean Workers’ Party during the party meeting, KRT did not disclose or report it. What caused the North Korean leader to lose weight?

Kim Jong Un appeared in state media in June. After being away for about a month. Analysts at Seoul-based NK News, which monitors North Korea, indicated that the North Korean leader’s watch may be tighter than before. Indicates that the wrist may be smaller

Kim Jong Un is the supreme authority in North Korea. There are no plans for a successor. Therefore, foreign media so intelligence agencies and experts noted his veracity. For example, at the beginning of last year there were speculations about his health. Because he did not attend the birthday celebration of North Korea’s founding father, Kim Il Sung, last April 15 but she came out to show at the beginning of May.

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