North Korean Covid patients ‘left to starve to death in quarantine camps’

North Korean Covid patients ‘left to starve to death in quarantine camps’

  • Activist Tim Peters claims that “ quarantine camps ” have been set up for the Coronavirus
  • Reverend David Lee alleges that Covid patients are ‘being locked into their homes’
  • Reports allege that North Korean authorities have cremated the bodies of COVID-19 victims

An activist claimed that Covid patients in North Korea are being placed in “ quarantine camps ” and left to starve.

Other reports indicate that people showing symptoms of the virus are “ being held in their homes without food, ” and that the authorities have burned dozens of the bodies of Covid victims.

Tim Peters, the Christian activist who runs the Seoul-based charity Helping Hands Korea, said North Korean sources claim that coronavirus “ quarantine camps ” have been set up in cities near the Chinese border.

But he said that those held in the camps are often left without medical care and starvation is rife.

Christian activist Tim Peters claimed that “ quarantine camps ” for Coronavirus have been set up in cities near the Chinese border. Above, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un smiles during a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of the country’s ruling party in Pyongyang on October 10.

Tell South China Morning PostOne of the most disturbing information that came our way is that the DPRK government provides minimal or no food or medicine at all to those buried there.

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‘is over To families of isolated citizens to reach the outskirts of the camps and bring food to keep the isolated relatives alive along with any health-related aid they can get, whether the medicines sold at the Jangmadang markets were bought, or even the herbal home collected remedies from the foothills of the mountains.

“My sources indicate that many people in these camps have already died, not only from the epidemic but also from starvation and related causes.”

Peters, whose NGO is providing medical and other supplies to North Korea, described the country’s COVID-19 situation as “extremely dangerous.”

He said the reported negligence matches information received from detention camp survivors in North Korea where inmates are provided with “the absolute minimum of food”.

Refugees who fled North Korea but remained in contact with relatives who are still in the country have reported cases of people displaying symptoms “were forced into isolation, or were placed in their homes without food or other support and left to die,” according to Qas. David Lee.

Lee, who works with North Korean defectors in Seoul, said that North Koreans call the coronavirus “ghost disease” and there are no “appropriate test kits” to track or stop the spread of the virus.

Reverend David Lee claimed to be people with symptoms

Reverend David Lee claimed that people with symptoms “are forced into isolation, or cornered in their homes without food or other support and left to die.” Above, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un waves during a military ceremony in Pyongyang on October 10

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Another South Korean human rights activist, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the South China Morning Post that the authorities had burned dozens of bodies.

It comes after a suspected case of coronavirus infection involving a cross-border dealer.

The activist said: ‘Central inspection authorities came from Pyongyang and burned all the bodies. Residents are very worried.

The shocking allegations come as Kim Jong Un said the country is “ free of the Coronavirus’ ‘during a speech he gave at a military parade to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Democratic Workers’ Party of Korea.

The North Korean leader is accused International sanctions, hurricanes and the coronavirus to prevent it from fulfilling promises of economic progress.

He expressed his gratitude that not a single North Korean had contracted the disease, a confirmation that South Korea and the United States had previously suspected.

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