Normanton Park Advancements

The Normanton Park grand entrance welcomes the nine majestic residential blocks which are surrounded by lush greenery. There are more than 20 pavilions spread across the entire development for the natural green parks. The canopy walk is elevated with the boardwalk which is measured with the 280 meters for the long linking of the short park to the kent ridge park. The residences prefer the massive 150m long pool which is coupled with the other two additional spaces. Normanton Park is situated with the research and the hub developments. It is located in the next science park within the proximity of the fusion polis, biopolitics, and Mediapolis. It is rare indeed the find coastline condo residences that do not compromise the convenience.


Normanton Park Showflat


The Google safe management measures practices are needed to block the appointment for visiting the Normanton park show flat. The exclusive early-bird developer discount is to receive many professional property consultations. The Normanton park contains a beautiful property that satisfies all of the user’s needs. The massive land has 684, 500 square feet of land for the development draws inspiration for the grand landscaping with 80% of the overall land plot design with greenery and facilities.


The Normanton park grand welcome contains 9 majestic residential blocks which are surrounded by lush greenery. There are also 20 pavilions and the cabana and courtyard spread across the whole development. The natural green park provides a pleasant welcome scenario. Some of the athletics also enjoy the boardwalk measurements for the long linking Normanton Park in the kent ridge park. There are more advancements are presented in the normanton park price structure. 

Best Connectivity


Normanton Park is situated in the main palace of the city and there are lots of ongoing developments that help to boost up the market growth. The most famous developments are research, business, and development hubs. It is located next to the famous science park1 which has more proximity. The one north contains the fusion polis, Mediapolis, biopolitics, and maple tree business park. The rare coastline residence condo does not compromise the convenience. There are many famous educational institutes located near this park. Some people ask why the residence is named Normanton park. This residence does not look like the residence or the city looks and also this residence looks like the parking structure. It is fully covered by the greenery structure. The normanton park brochure is explains all of the details of the park. 

Investment Potential of Normanton Park


The Normanton park map shows the exact location of the park and it is located in the middle of the RCR for enjoying the proximity. The central business district is located in the Jurong lake district. On top of the accessibility, it gives better convenience for the research development hubs. The prestigious schools and then amenities are located near this park. The conveniences are anticipated for the demand occupancy for the residence quality tenants for high. The RCR property is more stronger than the index increment with 2.5 percent of the primary market sales with an astounding 176.1 percent quarter-on-quarter.     




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