Noerr: The legal form changed due to Brexit

Noerr is changing its legal form and providing advice as a limited liability partnership starting December 31. With Brexit, the LLP is no longer recognized and has its administrative headquarters in Germany.

The law firm, previously traded as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) under English law, feels compelled to take this step because after the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union and the end of the transition on December 31, recognition of English LLP Noerr announced that the German administrative seat had not It is a local legal form.

“We would be grateful if the Legislative Council extended its current partnership with limited professional liability to a German LLP company that does not yet exist,” said co-speaker Dr. Alexander Ritvay.

The upcoming reform of the Partnership Act should open the GmbH & Co. KG for the legal profession, which is a positive thing. “But the German LLP will be better suited to partnership structures. It would help create a unified competitive environment for legal forms within Europe and Great Britain and ensure the competitiveness of German law firms on the international level,” Ritvie said.

TAP / LTO Editorial Team

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