No need to hide your cars on Thanksgiving

No need to hide your cars on Thanksgiving

If you are a New Yorker and are concerned that the Thanksgiving Day population is causing you trouble, a number of police sheriffs suggest that you are more concerned about taking lumps out of meat broth. While the state is currently under an executive order issued by Governor Andrew Cuomo that limits indoor and outdoor gatherings in family homes to 10 guests to disrupt the spread of COVID, county sheriffs including Rensselaer, Erie, and Saratoga are out to say publicly they have no plans to count cars in the driveways or do anything. Another form of enforcement, is using The New York Times A district police sheriff was quoted as saying that his office would never spoil the “great tradition of Thanksgiving dinner.” Another declared that going home “to see how many turkeys or tofu there are is not a priority”. New York City officials expressed that they have better things to do, too.

Sheriff Richard Giardino from Fulton County, northwest of Albany, on Facebook Residents do not even need to try to conceal their disobedience to the order: “Watch out for family dinners [isn’t] Our priority. Don’t feel the need to hide cars, cover up with foliage, or walk 3 buildings so that your house is no longer a target for Governors EO, “he wrote. The same doesn’t seem to be true of Long Island, as the Suffolk County office said they had boosted the number of holiday workers so they could As for what will happen if Thanksgiving dinner is disturbed, says Giardino CNN The executive order does not allow fines or arrests; The event will be simply dispersed. As for Como’s position, NBC News He said he said this when announcing the order: “Rules are only as good as enforcement. Local governments are responsible for implementation.” (Read more Thanksgiving stories.)

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