No More Failing at School in Sicily: The Proposal and Since When

But can school failures in Sicily and Italy really be abolished? Unbelievable but true, the suggestion is there. And it’s not just a suggestion

But it can really be canceled Failing at school in Sicily and Italy? Unbelievable but true, the suggestion is there. And it’s not just a suggestion.

This was stated by Luca Riccolvi in ​​his speech at the programmatic conference of the Brothers of Italy. “Cancel failure” in the school and “enter the level system”.

Suggestion or offer

He explains that the proposal is to present a “card at the end of studies, instead of the baccalaureate, in which the level in each subject is described in detail.” “It would be a revolutionary reform. There is something similar in the UK. insist on it.

Ricolfi also has another “revolutionary” proposal for the school. “There are no conditions for imposing a good school on everyone, so large minorities who wish to study and follow high paths may be allowed to establish schools on the basis of the acquisition of knowledge and not on socialization and leisure, as is the case now. .which can be done by vouchers,” as Says.

Sasso: “Absolutely against”

I do not unite with those who believe that the future of the Italian school should pass through the elimination of failures and the establishment of the Anglo-Saxon system, with the certificate of the level reached at the end of the course of studies. The world of education must ensure equal starting conditions for all and reward those who are truly deserving along the way, not settling differences and keeping everyone, regardless of ability, will, and aptitude.” Undersecretary of Education Rossano Sasso says about Luca Rykolf’s proposal

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