Nine students from the province of Ravenna are ready to go to study abroad. Among the destinations selected: Northern Europe, the United States and Indonesia

The pandemic has not quelled the desire of adolescents to live experiences to discover the world. Despite the numerous restrictions on international movement, the boys left with them between cultures During the current school year 2021/22 there were 1,300.

Strength, confidence and enthusiasm definitely prevail in high school students Ravenna About to start in Summer 2022, for an overseas experience with Intercultura programmes. Canada, Denmark, Indonesia, Ireland, and the United States welcome our students to their summer, semester, and yearly programs.

It is not just about traveling abroad to study. These people took part by participating in a national selection and are now following the course organized by Intercultura volunteers to prepare to leave home and live for a long time in a cultural context very different from their own. They are teenagers who have accepted the challenge of leaving their comfort zone to encounter a world different from the one they have lived in until now, in search of their as yet unexplored talents and striving to build their future as citizens aware of their own abilities and capabilities. own. role in society.

For many of them, this path has been made possible by Intercultura’s comprehensive financial support program for deserving students: across Italy, more than 2 out of 3 young people leave each year to benefit from a full or partial scholarship. expenses. In particular, some of Ravenna’s students have been awarded scholarships created thanks to the contribution of INPS and Hera, which support Intercultura in the mission of offering international training opportunities to young people.

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Intercultura volunteers in Ravenna wanted to create a special moment for the children and their families. Students will receive a university degree for winning the Intercultura competition during the award ceremony to be held on May 9, 2022 at 4.30 pm in the Council Chamber of the Municipality of Ravenna, in Piazza del Popolo 1.

During the ceremony, an Interculture proposal aimed at local families who are interested in welcoming students from another country will also be presented.

Intercultura Onlus Association (

Intercultura is a voluntary, not-for-profit association, founded in Italy in 1955, created as a non-profit organization under the protection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and recognized by decree of the President of the Republic (DPR No. 578/1985). The association is run and managed by thousands of volunteers who have chosen to work in the education and school sectors to raise awareness of the international dimension. It is present in 159 Italian cities and 65 countries on all continents, through its affiliation with AFS and EFIL. It has consultative status with UNESCO and the Council of Europe and cooperates with some European Union projects.

It has relationships with our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Education, Universities and Research. Intercultura was awarded the Culture Prize for the Presidency of the Council and the Solidarity Prize from the Italian Foundation for Voluntary Action for activities in favor of peace and knowledge among peoples. The Society promotes, organizes and finances intercultural exchange and experiences, sending hundreds of high school children each year to live and study abroad and welcoming in our country many young people from every nation who choose to enrich themselves culturally by spending a period of life in our families and in our schools. Furthermore, Intercultura organizes seminars, conferences, training and refresher courses for principals, teachers and volunteers from its own associations and others, on cultural exchange. All this to promote encounter and dialogue between people of different cultural traditions and help them understand each other and constructive cooperation.

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