Nigeria: Oyo state prison attack, 575 fugitives

#other countries On Saturday, the department spokesperson said in a press release that five hundred and seventy-five inmates of Oyo State Prison in southwestern Nigeria, who were attacked by heavily armed men on Friday night, are on the run.

“The Medium Security Detention Center in Oyo, Oyo State was attacked by unidentified armed men around 9:30 pm on Friday, October 22, 2021,” said Olanrywago Ungorin.

He added, “The attackers arrived at the center while they were heavily armed, and after a violent clash with the guards, they managed to enter the square, using dynamite to blow up the wall.”

According to this press release, all pretrial detainees, i.e. 837, were released, but the circle of convicts and detainees was not mentioned.

“267 fugitives were found, leaving 575 people at large,” the spokesman added.

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The statement did not specify whether people were injured or killed in the attack.

Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, is facing severe insecurity and vast swathes of its territory are affected by the activities of criminal groups.

On September 13, a prison in the center of the country in Kogi State was attacked, with 240 detainees forcibly released.

In April, another prison was attacked, this time in the separatist-ridden southeast, and more than 1,800 inmates escaped.

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