NFL Week 5 Primer: Cincinnati Bengals (1-2-1) at Baltimore Ravens (3-1)

NFL Week 5 Primer: Cincinnati Bengals (1-2-1) at Baltimore Ravens (3-1)

Bengals has not officially lost in two weeks.

Sure, one of them was a game they should have won against the Eagles Instead of being tied up, but they officially got the rising midfielder Joe Boro His first victory. Came with Joe MixonThe best game of the season too, but Burrow also looked like anything but a rookie to win.

Things get more difficult for Bengals This week though. They will travel to Baltimore to meet Crows. Probably the first of many premiums Lamar Jackson Borough vs. These two North Asian midfielders will be watching a lot from each other.

Jackson W. Crows She looked like the cream of the AFC crop out of losing it to Heads this chapter. Their attack seems unstoppable once it begins, and the defense has done a great job of making things difficult to stand up to crimes.

This is a great measuring stick game for the young Bengals looking to prove they’re on the up. Crows are Energy The opposing team, and that’s exactly what these Bengals are aiming for. Are they closer than people think, or is this team ready for a reality check?

All you need to know when it’s a Bengals Take on Crows:

Game: Cincinnati Bengals (1-2-1) in Baltimore crows (1-3)

Date / time: October 11, 2020 at 1:00 pm EST

Your location: M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland

Series Leader: Ravens lead the chain 25-23

Line: The Ravens have won the last three matches

Coaches versus opponent: Zach Taylor: (0-1). John Harbaugh (12-12)

the television: The game will be broadcast on CBS-TV. In the Bengals native, it will be transmitted by WKRC-TV (Chapter 12) in Cincinnati, WHIO-TV (Chapter 7) in Dayton and on WKYT-TV (Chapter 27) in Lexington. The announcers are Gregg Gumpel (play), Rich Ganon (analyst), and Amanda Palais (correspondent).

Radio broadcast: The game will be broadcast on the Bengals Radio Network, led by Cincinnati’s flagship stations WLW-AM (700), WCKY-AM (ESPN 1530; All Sports) and WEBN-FM (102.7). The announcers are Dan Howard (play) and Dave Labham (analyst).

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SB Nation Ravens Website: Baltimore BatedEspecially

weather: Mid-1960s, with possible rain and cloudy [NFL weather]

the odds: Bengals, -14 [Odds Shark]

Bengals notes

  • Joe Boro He completed 25 of 36 passes (69.4 percent) for the 300 yards and touchdowns and interceptions for the 92.4 pass rating last week, becoming the first rising midfielder with 300 yards in three consecutive games in NFL history. He aims to finish fourth in a row with a landing pass and a pass rating of at least 90. He is second in the NFL with 116 completions this season.
  • Joe Mixon He had 181 melee yards (151 lunges, 30 throws) and three high-pitched distances last week. He had 151 melee yards (114 lunge and 37 receptions) at his last meeting with the Ravens.
  • Tyler Boyd He had seven catches for 90 yards last week. He is aiming for his fourth target in a row with at least seven catches and 70 yards. He had six grips for 62 yards at his last meeting with Baltimore. It ranked third in Asia in catches (28) and earned yards (320). T Higgins He had a career-level 77 yards high last week. It ranks third amongst Asian beginner recipients in catches (12) and yards (152). Odin Tate He had 91 yards at the last road meeting with the crows.
  • Carlos Dunlap He had a passing derailment last week. He has a sack and a derailment pass in two of his last three matches in Baltimore. Andrew Brown was fired in his early career last week. Jordan Evans I was hit by a cyst and intercept last week. He had a scrolling twist at the last meeting. Jesse Bates led the team with 10 tackles, had two passing skips, and tackled a loss in Week 4. He was challenged at the last meeting. He has a skewed pass in six of his past seven games on the road.

Crows Notes

  • Lamar Jackson It passed 193 yards and two touchdowns and interceptions for the 107.8 pedestrian rating and darted 53 yards and made its first landing of the season last week. He has earned a passing rating of at least 100 in six of his past seven matches. He completed 15 of 17 passes (88.2 percent) for 223 yards and three touchdowns for a perfect rating of 158.3 passers and lunged 65 yards and touchdowns at the last meeting.
  • Mark Ingram Rushed to land last week. He has had urgent relegations in two of his past three matches. He aims his fourth goal in a row against the Bengalis, with a relegation. JK Dobbins He is one of three rising footballers’ squad with two appearances this season.
  • Mark Andrews He got 57 yards and twice on landings last week, and it was his fourth game in his career with no fewer than two moments captured, mostly between tight ends since 2019. He had two touchdowns in his last match against Bengals as well. He has hunted relegation in four of his last five home matches. Driving narrow ends with four touchdowns in 2020. Marquis Brown He led the team with four grabs 86 yards last week. He had 80 yards to receive and drop hunting at the last meeting.
  • Matthew Godon had two Kisan and derail passes last week. He had a bag in his last home match against Bengals. Calais Campbell He had a derailed pass in Week 4. He had three tackles to lose in his previous two games to Bengals. He has four passing deflections in his last two home matches. Marlon Humphrey He had nine season highs tackles, a deflected pass and a forced stall last week. He has been forcibly tripped in two of his past three matches. He aims for his third goal in a row against Cincinnati with at least two assists he defended. Marcus Peters He had recovered in Week 4. He had an 89-yard interception that returned for the descent the last time these teams met.
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The history of Bengals against crows

11/10/2019Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsThe
10/13/2019Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsThe
11/18/2018Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsThe
09/13/2018Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsW.
31/12/2017Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsW.
09/10/2017Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsThe
01/01/2017Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsW.
11/27/2016Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsThe
3/1/2016Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsW.
09/27/2015Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsW.
10/26/2014Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsW.
07/09/2014Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsW.
12/29/2013Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsW.
10/11/2013Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsMuch
12/30/2012Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsW.
10/09/2012Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsThe
01/01/2012Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsThe
11/20/2011Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsThe
01/02/2011Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsThe
09/19/2010Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsW.
11/08/2009Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsW.
10/11/2009Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsW.
11/30/2008Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsThe
09/07/2008Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsThe
11/11/2007Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsW.
09/10/2007Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsW.
11/30/2006Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsW.
May 11, 2006Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsThe
11/27/2005Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsW.
June 11, 2005Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsW.
May 12, 2004Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsW.
09/26/2004Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsThe
12/07/2003Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsThe
10/19/2003Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsW.
01/12/2002Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsThe
10/11/2002Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsThe
12/23/2001Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsThe
09/23/2001Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsW.
05/11/2000Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsThe
09/24/2000Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsThe
12/26/1999Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsThe
11/11/1999Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsThe
11/22/1998Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsThe
09/27/1998Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsThe
12/21/1997Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsW.
07/09/1997Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsThe
12/8/1996Baltimore crowsCincinnati BengalsW.
3/11/1996Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore crowsW.
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