NFL Cinderella Story: Payday for Mailata

Philadelphia – Jordan Melata had his football helmet issues. Whether it was on checkout or checkout – it didn’t really work. Beside. After all, in his original sport, rugby, such head protection was not necessary.

But when the now-24-year-old arrived at the IMG Academy in Florida about three years ago, he couldn’t avoid it. The Australian switched from rugby to American football, betting everything on one card.

At least a day before the start of the 2021 NFL season, it’s clear: That decision has paid off.

New contract for Melta Jordan

This is literally. Milata extended his contract with the Philadelphia Eagles for another four years. He could earn up to $80 million by the end of the 2025 season, with $40.85 million guaranteed one way or another.

His team sends a clear signal. And expresses confidence in the left intervention. Without a doubt, the Monster contract comes with a regular seat warranty. His fierce rival, Andre Dillard, will first have to line up behind him.

And that’s okay when you look at their careers.

The Australian follows Moritz Boehringer

Dillard, who trained at Washington State University, was drafted in the first round in the 2019 NFL Draft. The 22nd pick came to Philly with high expectations, but he’s been hit with injuries recently.

Corresponds to Malata. A chicken born in Bankstown, Australia. He is 2.03 meters tall and weighs 156 kilograms. He did not play football until he was twenty years old. However, the Eagles decided to pick him in the seventh round of the 2018 draft.

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With his featured videos of rugby alone, he has attracted the attention of many NFL franchises.

Mailata was only the second player after Moritz Boehringer to be selected in the draft without having previously played for a college in the USA.

Ten missions just to start

Both in the junior season and in 2019, he had to keep an eye on the left tackle due to various minor injuries. Nevertheless, he was able to gain valuable coaching experience, which he benefited from in his first real year in the NFL.

Mailata started ten games in 2020, building on the failures of its competitors. He’s reached a total of 15 season missions.

The Eagles have repeatedly confirmed their admiration. Despite the lack of experience, the Australian showed himself very mature. The bonus is now tracking in a new contract.

Before the Eagles travel to their first game at the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday, Mailata posted a video to express his gratitude for the franchise, saying, “I am delighted to be here for another four years, to represent this team and this city. I can’t wait to bring everything inside of me to… field”.

In Atlanta, that’s for sure, he’ll then have problems other than wearing his helmet.

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