Bubba Wallace: A jet was found in the driver’s garage, NASCAR says

Wallace, who is the only black driver in NASCAR’s top lap, the last few weeks he has been very indignant about the Black Lives Matter movement and the corresponding protests. He even invited NASCAR to to ban the Confederate flag, which they did on June 10th.

“We are angry and resentful and cannot say firmly enough how seriously we take this horrific act,” NASCAR said in a statement. “We have launched an immediate investigation and will do everything we can to identify those responsible and eliminate them from the sport.”

The racing organization also said the incident “only strengthens our determination to make the sport open and welcoming to everyone.”

Wallace arrived on Twitter on Sunday, saying the “contemptuous act” left him “incredibly sad and serves as a painful reminder of how far we must go as a society and how persistent we must be in the fight against racism.”

“This is not going to break me, I’m not going to give up or give up. I’m going to continue to proudly represent what I believe in,” Wallace said.

NASCAR told CNN that the area of ​​the garage where the noose was found was limited to basic staff, which included racing teams, NASCAR officials, protection and health and protection personnel.

Also Sunday, for the first time, NASCAR fans returned to the track in Talladega, Alabama, where a Confederate flag marked “Defund NASCAR” was seen above the track. Memorial confederations were also sold across the street.

The race was postponed for Monday due to weather conditions, NASCAR reported.

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