Corteva Agriscience: Agreement with Gaïago

Corteva Agriscience has signed an agreement with Gaïago to develop and sell biofungicide solutions worldwide.


Cortivaand biotechnology company Gaïago Give one now multi-year agreement For global health verification, development and marketing Biofungisidin Known to farmers.

By agreement, Corteva Agriscience will receive a Worldwide exclusive test license And what is associated with it? Optional Marketing Right for one New biopesticide technologywhich can help protect vines, potatoes, vegetables, stone fruit and pome fruit from pathogens such as downy mildew, late blight, powdery mildew and vegetation.

“This agreement underscores our commitment to farmers biological pesticides said Rajan Jajaria, Executive Vice President of Business Platforms at Corteva Agriscience, including proven bio-fungicide solutions that meet Corteva Agriscience’s high standards for research and development. “Our agreement with Gaïago is another step that confirms our efforts and efforts biological wallet By working with leading experts in their field To expand. “

“One Sustainability in agricultural production and a Flexible diet Achieving this requires strong cooperation at all levels, said Jean-Pierre Prinsen, President of Gaïago. “This agreement with Corteva will be one of our natural launches around the world. Biokontrolltechnologien acceleration. This new biocide is believed to be key to implementing integrated pest management strategies and meeting consumer expectations, while at the same time helping to High crop yield Securing and increasing farmers’ income. This global collaboration with Corteva will coincide with the launch of our website joint research programs Strengthening Gaïago’s large-scale regeneration plans for agricultural systems with scientific institutions in Europe, thus restoring soil and plant functions.”

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Corteva model for the development of a First-class biological preservatives Combines external innovation and collaboration in R&D, licensing and distribution. This agreement demonstrates how Corteva is committed to collaboration that spans a wide range of third-party technologies, including companies based in the field biology, Log in to Sustainability goals Corteva Agriscience is due to achieve it by 2030. Terms of the agreement have not been disclosed. (Corteva Agriscience)

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