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Whip in the mud

There were quite a few crazy election campaign In the past few years. The sprint for this year’s federal election is really weird. Matter floats, but at the same time it keeps coming back strange scenes. Often Armin Laschet participate in it.

Well it was Union filter back into the flood zone In North Rhine-Westphalia on its way to give its caretaker there. He should do it, he is the prime minister after all. It works really well Election campaign in the mud But not him. He is stuck in it.

At first there was a laughter slip. And now, from his last visit to the village of Swisttal on Monday, we will remember that the candidate was there who angry residents insulted. According to reports, people bitterly complained to their father about the lack of government aid. word too ‘fail’ It must fall.

Politicians have to go where it hurts. But these are not pretty pictures of Laschet. Today, on another flood date, he has the chance to sort things out — or make things worse. The candidate travels to the crisis area again and takes everything Its biggest political rival With. No, we don’t talk about it Marcus Soder, but who Olaf SchulzThe Social Democratic Party candidate.

Someone must have convinced Lashit that this look is bipartisan Excellent Could be an idea. But it may not really be clear to what extent Laschet is supposed to bring the whole thing politically. Does Laschet want to drag rival Schultz into the flood mud? True to the motto: Shared suffering is half suffering?

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It can be an explanation. But it is more likely Scholz, who can outsmart Laschet here. Finally, it seems to be agreed that the SPD finance minister will do so A trip to the crisis zone He is likely to use it to promise millions in aid from the “own” federal treasury. Laschet is then allowed to stand aside, nodding gratefully, as a felicitous pleader. Scholz leaves again and Laschet remains in the mud.

But maybe it’s all too small, too small and tactical. Perhaps Laschet just wants to show that he can bring all parties together in an emergency. This doesn’t have to be a mistake and it will be I mean really cute. But a real election campaign, where differences between candidates become visible to citizens, actually works differently. High tide or not.

Soder is now having trouble too

Speaking on the election campaign: Bavarian Prime Minister and President of the Christian Social Union Marcus Soder Known for giving clever advice to Armin Laschet on the right tactics from the sidelines. Recently, Soder said in an interview with ZDF usually determinedAs in football, it is advisable to “break yourself in again and be a little abusive”. And: “You must come now.” Sodder described his campaign role as that of a “driver”.

That was definitely the way I meant it, which isn’t nice. However, it should be allowed to ask whether Sodder really does it Campaign genius He is what he always pretends to be.

Anyway, he has a campaign problem in his country that he can’t seem to control. his deputy Hubert Ewinger of the Liberal Voters He plays the top right there shortly before the election Vaccine skepticsBeing among the many skeptics of vaccination in the Bavarian electorate cheap points to collect. This is annoying to Sudhir and his men at CSU. You may suspect that the scam may harm them. After all, they steered the party into a pro-vaccination cycle that is now hard to bid farewell to.

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One thing is for sure: Soder and his people have not – yet – found the right answer to Ewinger, except that they are deeply upset with their alliance partner. He would be glad, after all, if in doubt, that only makes his position better known in the country.

Delta is making the USA more and more turbulent

The delta virus variant is also spreading rapidly in the USA. They are now back in the country, according to the CDC About 300 deaths a day Complain. This is a 25 percent increase in the number of deaths compared to the previous week. Currently, the daily average is approx 80,000 new infections registered. An increase of nearly 150 percent compared to mid-July. The number of hospital admissions increased by 86 percent over the same period.

There is also – very rarely – infection from people who have already been fully vaccinated. the Republican Senator Lindsey Graham He announced that he had tested positive for coronavirus despite being vaccinated. Graham confirmed that his symptoms were mild. “I am very happy that I received the vaccination, because without it I definitely wouldn’t feel as good as I feel now.”

Covid numbers in the US are still well below previous highs last winter. At that time, more than 4,000 people died every day, and the number of new infections was more than 200,000 per day. And this as well good news: The vaccination rate increases again slightly. After declines in May, June and July, 670,000 good vaccine doses are now given daily again. The fear of Delta seems to lead to more and more vaccine skeptics wanting to get vaccinated after all.

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loser today…

.. is the president of Allianz, Oliver Bate. The manager who is used to success and his company are threatened with a lot of trouble. the Allianz has in United States of America It wrestles with an investigation by the US Department of Justice. Prosecutors accuse Munich-based asset manager Allianz Global Investors (AGI) of billions in losses related to the coronavirus.

As per stock regulator SEC The coalition said the US Department of Justice has now opened an investigation as well. As a result, Allianz stock fell in the meantime By about seven percent to 194 euros, lower than it has been since the end of January. The story will likely keep Allianz busy for some time. It is very difficult to predict the course and outcome of investigations of this kind in the United States – as well as the possible financial consequences, that is, possible fines.

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