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Netflix And the Summer Games Festival They announced Geek WeekAn event will take place June 7 to 11 It will conclude with a live performance, which will also be attended by Jeff Kelly, Canadian video game journalist and TV presenter.

During the Netflix Geeked Week, it will be announced New and the hottest shows and movies Entirely dedicated to the universe The geek. In fact, the streaming platform attracted millions of viewers with shows like Weird thingsAnd the Castlevania e Old guardThat escalated the charts and made people talk about themselves.

As for what we might expect, among the highest-rated ads, there is a possibility Trailer from Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, A new animated series dedicated to the popular Capcom series, coming from the following series July 8.

Attend the the magician, Whose production has slowed due to the outbreak. The second season of the popular TV series set in the world of Geralt of Rivia can be announced with trailers or versions, and is waiting for many fans.

Netflix Geeked Week

The appeal will also be present Cuphead Show!, An animated series that follows the adventures of Cuphead and his Mugman brother, written by Chad and Jared Mullenhower.

In addition, more details about TV series and movies may be revealed in the works for the event during the event Running platform, Like the animated series by Tomb rider Or the 3D series Sonic Prime, Which is scheduled to be launched 2022.

Netflix Geeked Week aims to Gather your fans together From movies and TV series who love to share their enthusiasm, develop theories, buy gadgets and much more, and flood them with exclusive news of their upcoming production.

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In fact, new trailers, live art, and speeches from prominent characters and stars will be released from Netflix’s hottest shows. The event will last 5 days, it will be Completely free It can be followed remote control Anytime, any part of the world.

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