Newburgh: Drivers are cautious: There are two closures in the Neuburg region from Monday

Drivers in the Neuburg region must be ready for disability starting Monday 11 January. There are closed roads in two places.

Drivers in the Neuburg region will have to prepare for one or another of delays in the coming weeks. The reason for this is two closures in the region starting Monday, January 11th.

Bundesstrasse 16
Gabion wall must be removed. In order to speed up construction activity as much as possible and enable safe work, travel should be a trend in the coming weeks
Ingolstadt can be returned to the B16 motorway via Straß, Leidling and Sinning. The opposite direction of travel remains on the Federal Road and drives past the construction site. Work is expected to be completed by the end of April. The conversion caused trouble up front (Read more here).

Starting Monday, January 11th, traffic on the B16 will be directed from Donauwörth towards Neuburg via Straß, Leidling and Sinning again to the B16.

Two closures in the Newburgh area

The review of the dam at the Bergheim Aqueduct is also entering the final round. As announced by operator Uniper, work will begin on the third construction phase on Monday. From January 11 until May 20, there will be a half way and temporary shutdown as well as a full shutdown (You can find the exact dates here). 1st Monday Jan.11, 9 AM to Saturday Jan 23, 6 PM (No)

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