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Similar to the example set by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, Governor Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday announced new restrictions starting September 6 to stem the spread of the coronavirus. In fact, de Blasio said last week that, starting August 2, health workers in New York City will be forced to vaccinate or undergo weekly tampons. On Monday, then, the mayor added that the same rule will also apply to the rest of public servants from September 13.

Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio (Flickr)

However, the entry into force of this second tax will be preceded by Governor Cuomo’s decree which, starting September 6, will require all state employees to receive a weekly vaccine or test, while New York health workers will be formally required to get vaccinated if they wish to continue working for institutions Country.

The governor announced early negotiations with New York’s unions to make the new vaccination program, which targets about 300,000 utility workers, fast and fair.

De Blasio and Cuomo have been pushed to enact new regulations due to increased infections and the relatively low percentage of people vaccinated in New York state. In fact, it is still only 58% of the citizens Of the country to be considered fully immunized, a proportion that is insufficient to achieve the long-awaited herd immunity.

Cuomo also spoke about reopening in the presence of private businesses, prompting employers to reopen their doors in September and requiring their employees to be vaccinated. According to his interpretation, in fact, the law allows businessmen to order workers to be vaccinated.

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“Everyone has to go back to the offices. We need workers to support restaurants, stores and services,” Cuomo said. “Requesting a vaccine is good business practice, in my opinion. If more companies do, it will be an incentive for citizens to get vaccinated.”

According to sources close to the President of the United States, Joe Biden will also announce mandatory vaccination or periodic testing of civilian federal government employees on Thursday. Only those who wish to continue working personally with patients in a VA hospital will have no choice but to vaccinate.

The new regulations, which mainly include federal government employees and those in New York and California, are due to increases in daily cases and the concern of experts and citizens regarding the safety of American cities.

“I want to go to a restaurant and feel safe. I want to go to the theater, or to a bar, and feel safe,” Governor Cuomo said, echoing the sentiments of many of us over the past few months.

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