6 Underground: Michael Bay’s Movie Didn’t Convince Netflix And Won’t Have Another Part

The movie 6 Underground directed by Michael Bay did not convince top Netflix and the project with Ryan Reynolds will not have a sequel.

6 underground It was fail for those responsible for Netflix: the movie Michael Bay It does not seem to have reached the desired level from a creative point of view. Among the original films produced by the platform in which a large amount was invested, the motion project with star Ryan Reynolds is therefore one of the few films that will not have a sequel.

Scott Stoper, Head of Netflix Original Movies, told A diverse He talks about 6 Underground: “We had no sense of getting to the point we had hoped for from a creative point of view. It was a good success, but in the end we didn’t think we hit the target in order to justify a comeback. There was no deep love for those characters or that world“.

Among the original films that instead got the green light for a second chapter are Army of the Dead, Tyler Rake, Enola Holmes, The Old Guard, and Spencer Confidential.
Speaking of the future of original projects, Stober said:We need to be more consistent in making these films more culturally relevant and putting them first. We know there is an audience for these films, but we want people to feel the impact in their conversations with friends and colleagues who say “Have you heard of The Old Guard?”. We’ve done it, but not constantly“.

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