New TV Series 2022: The Complete Calendar Never miss a thing

New TV Series 2022: Discover all the new releases of the just-starting year for all major entertainment platforms (Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Sky, etc.)

2021 is coming to an end and they will be there next year New TV series 2022 to see and review. Not only that, some of them are already in progress and will continue to be serialized as well in 2022 while others will unfortunately end. Waiting to see if it will actually be there Squid games season 2The highly successful Korean production that became the most watched in history NetflixThe hype is also rising for the other series we already know to program. Among all that stands out Lord of the Rings on Amazon Prime, which has invested an amazing budget to make it happen, but there is also a new season of Bridgeton and the end The best of Saul on demand (season 6), This is the United States, The Walking Dead, Ozark e meager masks (Season 6).

Thanks to many global broadcasting platforms, from Netflix a Disney + Even Amazon Prime VideoIt became easy to follow the TV series simultaneously with the United States and the United Kingdom. Below you can then find a file complete calendar From New TV series 2022 Italian and International with releases month by month and when new episodes will be broadcast to those in progress.

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