New space for Karlsruhe dance scene in the former Selfie Museum

Opening “Space”

For a year and a half, the dancers began searching for spaces. Now the Tanzin collection has moved temporarily to the former Personal Portrait Museum in Karlsruhe.

Happy with the new space: Yoreme Waltz of Dachverband’s board of directors Tahszene Baden-Württemberg with Dominik Hoess and Sarah Kiesecker in “Space” (from left).

Pictured: Bernd Henschel

A large, elevated room, bright and flooded with light, has three south-facing windows high just above the ceiling and a large front window facing the street.

But this is far away, the building is at the end of a large backyard, so it’s quiet even with the doors and windows open. Mirrored wall and springy floor really invite you to move on, dance, explore with your body and conquer it.

“Large rooms – that’s a rarity,” says Dominic Howes. For a year and a half, he and partner Sarah Kisker have been searching for space for their dance company: 14 women and two men who simply need plenty of space to rehearse, develop, and study new choreography.

For a transitional period, rehearsals were also held in the Insane Chamber

They have now found it in the rooms of the former “Personal Portrait Museum” on Neureuter Straße 5-7 in Mühlburg. There are sub-tenants for about half of the huge hall, and a portion of the old stock is still there.

The title “Space” is written modestly on the front wall and hopefully also close to the outside – so far the space hasn’t been easy to find.

Kiesecker and Hoess had previously rented dance studios, asked martial arts schools, and during the Covid period, when there were no events, Tollhaus president Bernd Belschner gave them the opportunity to rehearse in the unused rooms of the Tollhaus.

However, only until the end of December, when the lease contract expires.

Sarah Kisker, dancer

There she developed her track “There Are No Pink Elephants”, which premiered in September 2021 and will be shown again on May 12.

The fact that they now have their own room is thanks to the support of the Performing Arts Fund. “But only until the end of December is the lease expiring,” says Sarah Kiesker. “What happens next is anyone’s guess.”

Until then, however, the young representatives of the regional dance and choreographer scene have more plans: “The ‘space’ should become a meeting place: ‘We want something to happen in Karlsruhe’s dance scene,'” says Kesker.

“In addition to the State Theater Ballet, there is also space for a contemporary company.” Exchange is important to her, which is why her rooms are also open to others.

The place should invite people to meet and exchange ideas in Karlsruhe

“Creativity arises from encounters,” adds Yorim Waltz of the board of directors of Tanssen Baden-Württemberg, an umbrella organization for independent dancers in the Southwest: “Other genres are welcome here too, and other performing arts.” In fact, there are already interested from other companies around the world Baden-Württemberg to communicate with each other, to meet and exchange ideas.

The newly constructed natural theater from Karlsruhe will also use the rooms. Waltz supports her approach: “With ‘space’ we want to make local and national cultural policy aware of the independent landscape and anchor that landscape in the long-term.”


The dance room “Space” is located at Neureuter Straße 5-7. Upcoming performances of Kissker/Huis’ “No Pink Elephant” segment will take place Thursday, May 12 and Friday, May 13, starting at 8 p.m. at Tollhouse.

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