New song for Steve Nix, Show Me The Way

Stevie Nicks released a new single, Show Me The Way, produced by studio therapist Greg Korsten that features Dave Grohl on drums.

Words inspired by the Knicks’ dream about Martin Luther King Jr., John F Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, and John Lewis before the 2008 presidential election.

She sings: “I was ready for the Kennedy family / I don’t know if it was 1960 or 1963.

“Everything was immortal, even I / I wasn’t old, I wasn’t young, I was just part of their dream / Stayed with me walking down the hall, it was Martin Luther King.”

The song comes ahead of the release of Nicks’ live album “24 Karat Gold the Concert” and the concert movie based on the tour of the same name.

The album is scheduled for release on October 30th via BMG, while the film will only be shown on October 21 and October 25.

Meanwhile, Nicks recently admitted that she thought it would be “good” to put an older release date on Harry Styles.
The music legend is a mentor to the “Fine Line” singer and if the One Direction member were older, sparks could have spilled for them.

When asked if she would like to date an older version of her friend Harry, she confesses, “Well, that would be a good thing … I’m not going to sit in a bar with a group of my friends and wait for some weirdo guys to come and buy us a drink.”

Nicks also revealed that Harry is “definitely in a race” for her new mini-series, “Rhiannon,” based on her hit song.

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She said, “It’s definitely into running … I’m going,” Harry, you can’t get old one day.

“You have to stay exactly as you are. I already sold it to him.”

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