Brandy Redmond’s daughter survives a car accident that killed her mother-in-law

In addition to posting her own diary, Brandi also reposted a message from her husband’s sister Lauren CranfordAnd the Megan Hoge And the Christian Koch.

“This is our mother, Jill Mary Redmond,” this post, which contained a series of photos, has been read. “We talked to her daily. Talking about her in the past tense hurts us beyond words. Hours ago we lost her in a tragic car accident. Thank you, Jesus, for saving our niece who was with her in the car.”

Then the women continued describing their mother. And they continued: “To know that our mother will love her.” “She was a bright light to everyone who was lucky enough to know her. She loved deeply. She felt deeply. She loved Jesus with all her heart. Her world was a family. She loved her four children and many young children deep in her soul, and she let us do what she loved most – Taking care of her children. We are in shock and in untold pain. “

Cranford, Hughey, and Kosch, who host podcasts Girl, I slept in my makeup, Then informed their followers that they would pause their show and thanked them for their support.

And they concluded by saying: “In honor of our mother, if you have a father alive, please tell them how much you love and appreciate him, and hug your loved ones tonight and always.” “We love you. Shine bright, spread love and affection.”

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