New presidential delegate from La Araucanía sets goals: revitalizing the economy and the state security strategy

Hours before the first official visit of the Minister of Interior and Public Security, Carolina Tuha, To the Region of La Araucanía, Regional Presidency Delegate, Raoul Allard Soto, resigned.

Under this scenario, the attorney was announced this afternoon From October 1, Jose Montalva will take over as Presidential Delegate for Araucanía.

The new regional authority spoke with third He pointed out the challenges that await him in his new position.

The challenges are to revitalize the region’s economy, be able to move forward, Apply the state’s strategy to be able to solve security issues And to be able to address the region in the way the president has indicated, that is, to move forward and revitalize families So that they can improve their quality of lifethe regional authority noted.

The former governor of Cotten also referred to the work of Raoul Allard.

He did the job with the tools he had It is clear that we have to do deep and transversal work, listen to all parties and that is what we want Work with great humility. I also make the experience I have had to improve the living conditions of all of us who live in La Araucanía,” said the new authority of the government of Gabriel Borek in La Araucanía.

Montalva confirmed that he is conscious “That there is a complexity in this area”But he stressed the need to “address it to improve the quality of life for the residents of the region.”

“For that we have to work hard, we have to listen a lot and implement management so that families can meet their expectations, which is to live in a safe and prosperous area that is progressing every day,” he stressed.

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And about doing the work before a parliamentary body, mostly opposition, Montalva emphasized that more than just “talking about opposition or opponents, I prefer to speak of collaborators and allies in improving the lives of the citizens of La Araucanía.”

If these people are in those positions, especially those who have been elected by popular election, it is because the citizens put them there and with them. We have to work to improve people’s living conditions.”confirmed.

Likewise, he asserted, “I do not believe that there is a single authority in the La Araucanía region that does not want to improve the living conditions of all of us who live here and in that region. We’ll have to talk and agree on a common bottom line to move forward“.

The new delegate will begin his duties from Saturday and will have an agenda with the Secretary of the Interior, Carolina Tuha, who arrives this afternoon in the region with Under Secretary Manuel Monsalve.

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