New government balance sheets, Ferrari crisis, US vote: 2020 after Covid

Five key facts of 2020 / from Ferrari to government crisis

Together with pollster Alessandro Amadori, He took back 12 months of 2020, a year of watershed events that changed the Italian and international political framework. “Scientists today with Covid, like judges yesterday with Tangentopoli, have replaced politics,” notes Amadori but also “the Ferrari crisis that reflects the crisis of Italian politics, and both are characterized by a strategy Day after day“.

Five Key Truths of 2020 / ANALOGY WITH 1992: Today’s Ulema are Like Mujahideen in TANGENTOPOLES

“What the judges did in the First Republic – Amadori explains – that is, to assume a role that politics cannot play, is just an analogy (circumstances are different), in a way that the technicians do today (scholars) Ed). It is as if politics has found its perfect escape route

Make decisions that must be political first and foremost. The judgment that has arisen is a symptom of our policy weakness and the lack of a vision that goes beyond just receiving a technical opinion. “

The first five facts of 2020/1: The COVID-19 pandemic

“The The Covid-19 epidemic Itself is the first major fact of 2020. This related fact includes two sub-facts: suspension Politics In terms of representation, Parliament weighs the least; Hence the complementary function, if not implicitly dominant, of technical opinions Limiting policy Itself to convey technical opinions. This allows politicians not to assume purely historical and political responsibilities. “

The Five Key Facts of 2020/2 °: The Ferrari Crisis

“L”Infinite Crisis of Ferrari It is the second major fact of 2020. It may seem like a small thing, one cannot help but think of a non-positive phase for a historical brand in the country, but the continuation of this crisis, the inability of the project to establish itself and the consequent offerings are very disappointing For a brand that represents the best of Italy from a technological, symbolic and brand standpoint. We are seeing it very difficult to react, here as in politics, in making strong and fast decisions. “

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Five Key Facts for 2020 / III: Inauguration of the Genoa Bridge

“L”Inauguration of Genoa Bridge It is the third key fact of 2020. It has proven that despite the “wait-and-see” and minimalist governance model, there was speed, courage and vision: it seemed to return to the Italian processes of the 1970s where things were done on time. This has been the model for positive governance where politics has been

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Policy making. “

The Five Key Facts of 2020/4: The American Election Campaign

“The The American election campaign It is the fourth major event of 2020. The United States has risked a civil war. Trump caused a very strong institutional rupture and before this tear there was an election campaign on the edge of the country’s strength; We’ve seen yet another stress test on the world’s largest democracy is still America. The deep rift in the strikes of American society. “

The Five Key Facts for 2020/5: The New Italian Political Balance After the Regional Elections

“The A new political equilibrium Created on the basis of the regional vote in September is the fifth major event of 2020. Italy has spoken and this vote has a strong meaning even on the margins of weakening parliamentary representation. Instead of talking about winners or losers, there was a rebalancing of the system. There is no longer a dominant party like the M5s in 2018, Lega in 2019, now there is no longer a party exceeding 30% that traditionally makes this political force a ‘nation party’. Within 7-8 points there is a good selection of parties, from 15-16% of the M5s to 23% of the league, passing through 17% of the FdI and 21% of the Democratic Party. The balance of power of the Italian parties is similar to that of the German parties: a scenario of four formations in which no one can play a dominant role.

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