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On Wednesday (05.26.2021), tycoon Jeff Bezos said at his last public meeting as CEO of the e-commerce giant, who has been accused by various authorities of violating local competition law, that Andy Gacy will take over the operational leadership of Amazon on July 5.

The Seattle-based group founder, who will continue to chair the board, announced in early February that he would hand the matter over to the current chair of AWS (Amazon Web Services), the branch in the group’s “cloud” (remote services).

“It’s an emotional history for me,” Jeff Bezos told shareholders. “It’s the date Amazon was officially incorporated as a company, 27 years ago.”

The company’s founder asserted that Andy Gacy is “well known within the company” and that he has “been with Amazon almost for a long time.”

“He will be an exceptional leader and have my full confidence,” the billionaire said. “I guarantee that the universe will not be allowed to make us normal,” he said.

This shift comes at a time when Amazon was not that strong or critical.

Amazon buys MGM

In 2020, the group created 500,000 jobs worldwide and is the largely winner in the prevailing coronavirus epidemic as it devotes consumers’ enthusiasm to their services, ranging from express deliveries to products, electronics and cloud infrastructure, serving streaming platforms like Netflix.

Amazon has just bought the nearly century-old historic Hollywood movie studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer whose mega catalog will power its Amazon Prime Video platform.

But the attorney general in Washington, DC, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the group he accuses of obstructing free competition in Internet commerce.

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Other investigations are also being conducted, notably the fact that Amazon is “a judge and party” to its sales platform.

Several NGOs accuse Amazon of contributing to pollution, discrimination against women and black and Latino employees, and exploiting warehouse workers.

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