Neuburg-Schrobenhausen: Lessons for Ukrainian Students: Those involved in the Neuburg region need to know

Representatives of all types of schools in the Neuburg-Schrobenhausen region discussed how Ukrainian refugee children should enroll in schools.

Children who have fled Ukraine are exempted from compulsory education for three months in Germany. However, schools in the area would like to offer a voluntary offer for children and young people to be integrated into a class group in order to make friends and provide daily structure.

For this reason, representatives of all types of schools in the district met on Thursday under the leadership of the school authority to clarify and define the admission procedures. This is how it works:

Lessons for Ukrainian students in Neuburg-Schrobenhausen

Elementary school: Primary school students can register at the school at their place of residence. In Neuburg and Schrobenhausen, the so-called “Sprengelschule” is the correct contact. You can find out which school belongs to the city administration.

preparatory School, Business schools, middle schools, high schools, and vocational schools: All children and youth can go there, depending on their educational background in Ukraine.

As says Elsie Stork, head of the school administration, the school administration in question decides how to deal with Ukrainian students in detail. However, in principle, they should be integrated into regular classes and, if possible, take separate German lessons.

In addition, an “educational welcome group” will be created in the district, where Ukrainian refugee children from all types of schools are brought together according to their age. What exactly this group will look like and what tasks it will perform, however, remains to be clarified in detail. But the school authority is already looking for assistants who are willing to participate there. Ilse Stork considers, among other things, former teachers with Ukrainian or Russian language skills.

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