Netflix, will ‘spoil’ information on Dave Chapelle Show: Launched

Netflix An employee has been fired for disclosing classified information about Dave Chappelle’s comedy special “The Closer,” which for days has also been at the center of controversy within the streaming service for some of Chappelle’s jokes that have been judged anti-transgender.. On the show, the American comedian made a series of comments that critics found offensive, such as when he likened the genitals of transgender women to vegetarian alternatives to meat products.

Netflix, in a statement released by Forbes, explained that the employee was denied sharing “confidential and commercially sensitive information outside the company,” which is against company policies, and He said the employee may have been “affected” by feelings of “disappointment and pain” about the streaming service. The employee is accused, according to sources cited by The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, of revealing sensitive information about The Closer to Bloomberg, including the cost of the special ($24.1 million, reportedly) and the cost of several Netflix employees. It raised concerns even before the show was launched.

After being released on the podium, Some employees have publicly criticized Netflix special executive Ted Sarandos who has defended the product by invoking “creative freedom”. Netflix already suspended three employees on Monday following the controversy over The Closer. The three were later brought back and Netflix denied their suspension for speaking out against The Closer. But in the wake of the controversy, Netflix Trans employees and their supporters decided to strike at the company in protest of The Closer on October 20. According to Variety, among the three suspended employees was chief IT engineer Terra Field, who has been identified as a mutant and whose extensive Twitter comment was posted to the private last week. According to Netflix sources cited by the US press, it wasn’t social comments in which Field spoke about the harmful effects of certain audiovisual content on transgender people, and transgender women in particular, to cause the comment, but the fact that the three employees attended a large meeting uninvited .

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