Banksy shares new artwork that supports Black Lives Matter

Banksy shares new artwork that supports Black Lives Matter
Protest Black Live Matter the past two weeks after the death of George Floyd, a black man killed in police custody in the United States on May 25. Banksy’s last work was discovered in an Instagram post, shows how Floyd’s death shook the United States.

The piece is composed of a framed black figure with a candle and flowers surrounding it. The American flag hanging above it is a lighted candle below.

Along with the artwork, Banksy crystal clear his thoughts on systemic racism.

“At first I thought I should shut up and listen to blacks about this issue. But why would I do that? It’s not their problem. It’s mine,” Banksy wrote in his Instagram post that garnered more than 2 million likes.

“The people’s system fails in the system. The white system. Like a broken pipe flooding the apartment of people living downstairs. A faulty system makes their lives miserable, but it’s not their job to solve it. They can do it” t, no one will let them into the apartment above.

“This is a white problem. And if the whites don’t solve it, someone will have to come upstairs and open the door,” the artist added.

Banksy donates new works of art in honor of hospital workers

A protest by Black Lives Matter took to the streets of Bristol in England on Sunday, near where Banksy is believed to have been born. Local police estimate that 10,000 protesters took part.

During the protest, protesters toppled the statue with Edward Colston, a 17th-century slave trader, Protesters cheered and celebrated when the bronze statue was torn down, but police say an investigation has been launched to determine those involved.
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