Netflix to make a movie about Japanese superhero “Ultraman”

He is one of Japan’s greatest superheroes and has become a cultural phenomenon over the years

NetflixOn the feature film in computer graphics Ultraman, One of the greatest superheroes in Japanese anime, and over the years has managed to become a cultural phenomenon and a source of inspiration for projects such as i power Rangersa Ant-Man.

Netflix prepares the CG animated movie with the help of Industrial Light and Magic, the VFX company he founded George Lucas, And hopes that this animated movie will increase Ultraman’s global popularity.

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Netflix is ​​also hosting the animated TV series “Ultraman”, also in collaboration with Tsuburaya, which continues the plot of the 1960s true-to-life Japanese original series. But the new Ultraman feature will feature an entirely new storyline specifically designed to introduce the character to a potential new global fanbase.

the plot

Japanese baseball star Ken Sato returns home to don the costume of Ultraman, the superhero who protects the Earth. After a while, he finds an unexpected surprise when he is forced to raise a newborn Kaiju, a descendant of his worst enemy. While seeking to balance his team role with that of a father, Kane must confront his ego, his absentee father and deceptive Kaiju defense force, before he can discover what it really means to be Ultraman.

Aram Yacoubian, Director of the Original Animated Film, Netflix, Commentary:

“It is our honor to partner with our friends at Tsuburaya Productions and introduce this beloved character to our subscribers around the world. We are delighted to be working with Shannon and John, as well as an incredibly talented team of passionate artists and artists. Ultraman is from the four corners of the world. We are eager to share. Our film with fans of this legendary Japanese hero and introducing new generations to a superhero who is destined to become their new lover. “

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