Netflix: The official trailer for “Amend: The Fight for America” ​​has been released with Will Smith

Catalog news Netflix February is really interesting, but among all the new products of the broadcast giant, the new documentary with will Smith And many other actors is what most piqued their curiosity.

Will Smith presents an original documentary on Netflix, Amend: The Fight for America

The trailer is shared on the official account Youtube Netflix – you can find the video at the bottom of the news – and it is named Adapts: Fighting for America, This is one docuserie Focus on the well-known Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution. Adjustment: Will Smith’s “Struggle for America” ​​be managed, but with the interventions of important personalities from the world of politics and entertainment.

Fourteenth Amendment, For those not familiar with American political history, deals with the conditions of freedom and protection for all American citizens, without distinction of race or religion; This social struggle was at the heart of political life Martin Luther King Jr. H Frederick Douglass. Pedro PascalAnd the Samuel L JacksonAnd the Mahershala Ali They will be just some of the names that will intervene in the documentary series, expressing their views in defense of the freedom of every human being.

Modification: The Fight For America will only be available on Netflix starting February 17th. Among the producers of the documentary is Larry Wilmore, who is already known for producing the very popular series that made Will Smith famous today. Willie Prince of Bel-Air.

Netflix: All news for February 2021

February, as mentioned above, is going to be a full-on month. Among the TV series that will feature our Netflix catalog Summer we learned to flyAnd the It will be released on February 3, 2021With Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalk. The plot tells the story of the friendship of Tali and Kate, two girls who have supported themselves in life’s difficulties since their teens.

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Then Invisible cityAnd the The series will be released on February 5, Of the fictional genre. The protagonist is Detective Marco Bigosi and the plot focuses on family drama; Man will discover that ancient mythical creatures live among humans. To close there February news Tribes of Europe, German TV series set in a post-apocalyptic world.

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