Netflix starts blocking shared accounts in Italy too

pressure Netflix On joint accounts outside your household or household. The giant, which offers the most popular paid streaming service, is continuing its battle against the practice, which has not been granted under its regulations for some time, although there are no signs of this in Italy.

The ban on account sharing outside the home is hidden with two-factor authentication. Let’s find out all the details together.

Netflix also bans account sharing in Italy

Two-factor authentication is a very important security measure that has the “unwanted” effect of having to return a code during access, sent via SMS or e-mail to the account owner, who must then do his best to provide it at moments more dissimilar to those who are trying to reach. over there Displayed screen About the one who lights outside the house he says:This account is used by several familiesThen invite the user to create an account, then perform the two-step verification process.

can be access Both SMS and Email VerifiedHowever, Netflix will display this screen to those who log into a kernel that is different from the first. As we have mentioned since its inception, The Netflix regulation prohibits the use of the account by anyone outside the home or part of the family unit. During March, the company announced something new, the adoption of two-factor authentication.

In the reported cases, the screen was shown to people residing in different regions, but even if we log in from a new device, other than those where the account is used frequently, in the new access notification we find the phrase: “Remember that we only allow your family members to use your accountWhich definitively confirms Netflix’s emphasis on these practices.

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