Netflix may start getting ads

There is a lot of discussion on Netflix on the topic of advertising. Should he have it or not? Will it become essential to its survival, or will it succeed without it? Someone who has a clear opinion on the matter is Jason Keeler, the outgoing president of WarnerMedia, who believes that Netflix will have ads in the near future and until it does, it will give its competitors an edge.

To defend the opposite thesis, there is Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings, who has always been against advertising on Netflix and remains adamant on the issue today. Giant but from his idea. “The best capitalism”.

Even Netflix FO Spencer Neumann recently said the ad isn’t upstairs for the streaming platform.

Despite these somewhat assertive positions, there are many analysts who are asking Netflix to adopt ads just like its competitors HBO Max or Disney+. So do Hulu and Paramount + and among them is Kilar, the former CEO of Warner Media, who stated in an interview on his new podcast, that in three years, according to him, Netflix will run ads.

Will it really be like this? we will see!

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