Netflix, Matilde Gioli’s first “Summer job” reality show is in the works

Netflix takes the field. Once again and in a genre he hasn’t explored yet, the truth comes out. Battle horses for public networks – from Big Brother VIP to The Island of the Famous – these formats are now free from every broadcaster conceivable and there’s even a streaming platform, Hayu, that dedicates entire programming to them.

The first Netflix headquarters in Italy has been announced, a stone’s throw from Via Veneto, in the heart of Rome. Among the real projects It will be released by the end of the year summer jobproduced by banegay italy, which represents the platform’s first appearance in the world of reality TV. And speaking of the first, see the management Matilda Giuli, was recently seen in the fantastic comedy on Netflix 4 Half. The 32-year-old actress has never tried her hand at this role before and is looking forward to it.

The participants, who are already ten youngsters (among boys and girls), travel to Mexico for a carefree vacation but then become a real springboard into the world of work, a can of mess that involves cleaning cages at the zoo or baking bread in the middle of the night. In short, it is not just an outing: it is in fact a journey that aims to make this generation grow with a bath of humility but also with a series of practical skills.

Thus, the arena of competition in the reality genre does not only continue between free channels, satellite broadcasts and platforms, but expands to what is called in the terminology a new player (“player”). If Prime Video focuses, in fact, on Celebrity Hunted, playing very powerful names – and not just in the entertainment world – starting with Francesco Totti, then Netflix responds in a classic format, without famous forays, to anchor the audience to reality and invite it all ‘defining.

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The desire to bring new life to an already much-explored direction – but without the vulgarity and populism – is the same as the other two non-fiction projects announced today. Both are dedicated to famous people and rejected in four episodes, “Wanna” by Fremantle and “The Alex Schwazer Case” by Indigo Film.

The first is a documentary series from the eighties dedicated to want brandsOne of the most infamous TV presenters in the history of the small screen. From rise to decline, this unscrupulous woman’s life is divided into the story but without judgment.
The second, on the other hand, is dedicated to the athlete Alex Schwarzer who lived a downward trend like Marchi but always maintained behavior and dignity, and managed to restore his image and somehow restore his reputation.

Will, as Giovanni Bossetti explainsdirector of Italian Non-Fiction Contents for Netflix, is not to bring out the itchy speculation but to bring to light the submerged and awe-inspiring aspects of these stories that, in one way or another, have marked public opinion.

They both, in their own way, manage to renew themselves, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, and as you know, stories of redemption always have a huge impact on the viewer. The idea they propose, in fact, remains simple: we all fall, but the strongest rises and no one is denied a second chance.

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