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What is popular at the moment Netflix Italy and the United States? In our weekly special offer you will find all the answers to your questions. Unfortunately, the most popular title ratings from other streaming platforms such as Disney + and Amazon Prime Video cannot be reported correctly, since the “Most Popular TV Series” or “Moment Titles” section varies from profile to profile, according to your own preferences. This week is the American TV series Jenny and Georgia to conquer the Italian audience.

for him Netflix Italia – This week – it is an American TV series Jenny and Georgia To beat the top of the ranking of the most viewed titles on the platform. Drama with Brian Howe H Antonia Gentry It also reaches # 1 in the United States and in most countries where it is available. In second place is medical drama New AmsterdamThat until a few hours ago was at the top of the schedule in its first season. We remind you that the series will return to the United States next March, the new episodes of the third season. It drops to third Behind his eyes, British TV series with Simona Brown. The Spanish share in the Italian ranking is also not missing this week: in fact, the Spanish original Netflix debuted at number four. Crazy for her Directed by Danny De La Ordin. Fifth place for the documentary Samurai era Which, thanks to dynamic reconstructions and expert opinions, lets the audience relive the turbulent history and power wars between fiefdoms in 16th century Japan. Sixth place for The Big Bang Theory, US recordings series has been added to the catalog. It goes down Tribes of Europe In seventh place, friends Kate and Tolly from Firefly Line (in Italian, the summer we learned to fly) fight in eighth place. no way Bridgerton It’s still in ninth place, while Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper both closed with their hit movie A star is born. We report excellent performance for I care a lot, The movie with Rosamund Pike Which is still the most watched movie on Netflix In the world. In Italy, the feature film can be watched on Amazon Prime Video.

  1. Jenny and Georgia
  2. New Amsterdam
  3. Behind his eyes
  4. Crazy out
  5. Samurai era
  6. The Big Bang Theory
  7. Tribes of Europe
  8. Summer we learned to fly
  9. Bridgerton
  10. A star is born
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Here are the top 10 titles now watched in the US

  1. Jenny and Georgia
  2. Bigfoot family
  3. I care a lot
  4. Samurai era
  5. Behind his eyes
  6. I Carly
  7. Canine interference
  8. good girls
  9. Summer we learned to fly
  10. Cocomelon

Here are the top 10 most famous movies all over the world On Netflix now:

Here are the top 10 most popular TV series all over the world On Netflix now:

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